Discover Peavine Swamp Ski Trails

One of the best cross-country ski destinations in the area, the Peavine Swamp Trails consist of three loops and a lean-to overlooking the beautiful Oswegatchie River. 
11.00 miles, Network
Moderate, Difficult
Ungroomed Snow


Loop 1

Beginning .3 miles from the trailhead, Loop 1 continues straight for .75 miles. The start of the loop will veer to the left and has many small, easy rolling hills with one longer, low-grade ascent. Along the ridge can accumulate a lot of snow. There is a mild descent at the end of the trail that will loop back to the main trail toward the trailhead. 

Loop 2

Also known as the Christmas Tree Loop, Loop 2 begins about .3 miles further on the main trail than where Loop 1 starts, this is about 1.3 miles from the trailhead. A flat section leads to the backside of the loop. Take a left and there will be a small incline to get closer to the ridge. Coming to an intersection, a left will complete the remainder of Loop 2 and a right will lead to Loop 3. Continuing on Loop 2, there will be small rolling hills and hogbacks to go over. The upper portion of this loop doesn't get as much use. 

Loop 3

Beginning and ending where Loop 2 begins, the trail climbs along the lower section of the loop. A .9 mile side trail to the right leads to the NYS Ranger School. At this intersection take a left to stay on Loop 3. Soon after this, there will be a spur trail to the right that leads to a lean-to on the Oswegatchie River. Continue left to stay on the loop and a very gradual descent will bring you to Loop 2. Take a left to go back to the lower section of Loop 3 or stay right to use Loop 2. 



Other Information

Sections of the trail aren't frequently used, leading to tougher conditions on the trails. Be cautious and know your limits, especially if trying to complete all three loops, this is a difficult undertaking for many. 

Trail Manager

Five Ponds Partners

Five Ponds Partners
Jamie Savage
PO Box 115
Wanakena, NY 13695
Phone: 848-2566 X 109
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Trail Tips

Share the Trail
Respect other trail users and be courteous when passing. Limit your group’s noise.
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Trailhead Information

The main trailhead for the Peavine Swamp Trails can be found on Route 3 when heading out of Cranberry Lake Village. Parking and a trailhead can be found on the left side of the road. Access to the Peavine Swamp Trail Loop 3 via a .9 mile spur trail can also be found at the Wanakena Ranger School. Parking is located at the front of the Ranger School.

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