Search Basics

Search Basics

Getting comfortable DISCOVERING TRAILS

One of the strengths of online trail portals like STLC Trails is that these websites bring together extensive trail information in one place. However, without search tools, it would be overwhelming to sort through so many trail postings every time you wanted to find a specific kind of trail experience.

This section outlines some important “search basics” found on the Discover Trails page that can help you use STLC Trails effectively to find trail experiences that best match your interests and abilities.

Search for trails on the map. If you are already a map expert (having read the Map Basics section), you know that you can zoom and pan the map on the Discover Trails page to locate trails in different parts of Saint Lawrence County. By changing the map display to look at different communities or neighborhoods, you are using STLC Trails very effectively to search for trails based on location.

Use the search panel located on the right side of the Discover Trails page to narrow down the number of candidate trails based on different categories and preferences.

  •  Click to choose one Trail Activity type from the pull-down menu. Looking for trails good for evening strolling? ...try "Walking."
  • Looking for an easy trail to start on? Just select Easy in the Difficulty pull-down menu. To learn more about how difficulties are defined, click the "i" information icon. A trail posting may have more than one difficulty defined, if there is a network of trails of varying difficulties at that location. Learn more on the detailed trail page to find which trails are right for you.
  • Use Popular Searches to find trails with a specific vibe, like trails to waterfalls or family-friendly experiences.
  • You can also find trails based on their location in the Filter Trails By Location section. Choose this option to find trails close to your current location using the checkbox, or opt to find trails within a specified distance of a town that you want to visit. This will zoom the map into your area of interest; to see other trails, you'll need to reset your search. Select See List View to see the trails listed in order or proximity to the location you searched.
  • You can also search by Keywords. Try “eagle” to see where you might spot our national bird! But don’t be fooled… if there happens to be a place called Eagles Landing on a trail page, that trail will come up in the search too.
  • Whenever you’re ready to search, click the green Search button at the bottom of the panel. The trails listed with See List View will also adjust based on your search results.
  • Don’t like your search or the results? Go ahead and Reset Search below the button. We won’t be offended.
  • Note - You can search using one or many (even all!) of the search sections (trail activity, difficulty, popular searches, etc.), for example a search for Trail Activity = Walking and Difficulty = Easy will result in easy walking trails. But... the more sections you use, the more restrictive the search will be and the fewer results you might get. There just may not be a strenuous paddling trail near Canton with eagles!

STLC Trails is administered by the St. Lawrence Chamber of Commerce in partnership with St. Lawrence County Trails and Nature Up North.

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